My name as you've figured out is Brandon. It's a fine name, as it set me up to Brand-on as I bumble.

My mind's innate resting place is finding odd ways of  innovating anything. I started to celebrate my methods when I first figured out how to put sun-dried tomatoes with my mac n' cheese.

I find it difficult to do anything without passion. Mundane tasks become entrapping as I figure out how to mix in pizazz.

As my mother has dutifully noted, I am constantly persistent. When my childish pleas for a dog failed, I made a presentation detailing how a dog would teach me responsibility. I made a system called "Puppy Points", which served as a way to show my understanding of raising a dog. The pitch worked, and I learned innovative communication is key.

I am  verbal, so feel free to call me at 925-984-9953 or if you'd prefer to write me, please do so at